Sassa Grants Payment Dates For 2022-2023

Sassa Grants Payment Dates

Sassa Grants Payment Dates: Sassa admin says that they are aware of the money being spent on “unsubstantiated claims and allegations” which are coming from beneficiaries. Sassa admin has sent a letter to all beneficiaries saying that there is no need to claim early as every single one of them would receive their money on … Read more

Apply For Sassa Old Age Pension – South African Government 2023

Apply For Sassa Old Age Pension

Sassa Old Age Pension: You are a South African senior citizen living with your family. You have no financial resources apart from the old-age pension or any other subsidies from the government. You can take part in Sassa old age pension program by applying for it, which is a great thing to do because about … Read more