SASSA Status Check 2024

Sassa Status Check Srd R350 Payment Dates: The easiest way to check your government social grant status online is by using “SRD” which stands for Saaripa Reparations Descriptive and Sassa Status Check. These are the SA Social Security Agency’s official website which you can use to check the SASSA application status and the current status of SASSA grants. This article shows us how you can do this process, who is eligible for the SRD status, and what is required for a successful application process.

Sassa Srd R350 Status Check

Social Aid and Shared Incomes (SASI) is the biggest social assistance program in South Africa. SASA application is an online system that provides information on how much financial aid you can receive from the government.

Check Sassa Status Srd R350 Payment Dates 2024

SASSA Status Check – SRD Status Check Online – SRD R350 Payment Dates 2024

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about the application process and what to expect when applying for assistance with the SRD SASA program.

SRD – What Is It?

SASSA, South African Social Security Agency is responsible for the SRD grant and all of its recipients. They are also responsible for the payment and collection of grants that are made.

SASSA History

The Social Security Act 14 of 1994 is the act that establishes the South African Social Security Agency as an independent entity to provide financial benefits and services to all South Africans. The SASSA has its own headquarters building in Pretoria, where it also maintains offices for each province. This is where you can find all the relevant documents that serve as a resource for our readers who are seeking answers concerning the intended service they are entitled to have.

Sassa Status Check – SASSA GRANT

As we all know, the Social Relief Grant is an essential benefit that empowers people with a disability or special need to live a more independent life; this includes the assistance provided by SASSA. Let us take a look at the details of how you can claim your grant and other benefits that are administered by this same organization.

The following is a list of SASSA Grants provided by the government.

  • Payments for child support
  • Care dependency
  • Grants for veterans of war
  • Grants for older people
  • Grants for Disabilities
  • Grants for Foster Children
  • The grant in aid

R350 Sassa Status Check

Have you applied, or are you still waiting for your Relief Funds? If yes, then don’t worry! I’m here to tell you how to check the status of your application on SRD Status Check.

You may be wondering how you can apply for the grant online. Well, first of all, you will have to log in with your Sassa account number (which is available on your statement) and then click on ‘Apply for a grant. After application, you will be issued a confirmation code via SMS and then return home with it on the second day. This process is automatically processed the moment you log in with your card or ID number; thus, within a few minutes time frame.


If your application has been verified, you can apply for payment of your grant. If not, this means it is still under verification or in process. This can be checked by visiting the website of Saffa or contacting Saffa through one of its branches.

Completed The Application

Congratulations, your grant application has been successfully processed and is ready to proceed to payment processing. Your status can be checked on both our website and through phone calls, as well as via email.

Details Of The Bank Are Pending

As you may already be aware, your application has been approved by Sassa and we are pleased to notify you that your grant will be deposited into your bank account. As all grants are finalized within a few days, it is advisable that you check with your bank whether or not they have received payment from Sassa before requesting further information from us.


The grant for unemployed citizens on the Sassa Status Check for r350 grant has been a hot potato, with many people’s applications being kept by the applicant and then seeing them turn into dormant applications. The worst situation is when people have no internet and are not able to apply in person. But, there are also some ways that you can check to see whether or not your application made it through the system. For example, you can go to your local office.

Period (e.g., May) Pending

The good news, the SRD status check online application was received by the Sassa official. However the verification process is still not completed yet. Perhaps you should plan to visit the local offices on a particular date to check its status if you would like to know once they have completed their validation checks.

STATUS: Period (e.g., April) Approved:

After the SSA Recipient portal has been approved, you will receive a “Processed” message in your email. The next step is to check the payment date field in your account and confirm that it shows the date you applied was a “Completed” payment. If no date is listed and you have not received payments to any of your bank accounts, then Sassa has not processed any payments for your application yet. Be sure to keep checking until a pay date shows up.

STATUS: Period (e.g., April) Declined

Why did my application for Sassa decline?.? You can appeal or apply for reconsideration within 30 days from the date you receive the decision letter about your grant. In case you are not satisfied with the reasons for your application to be declined, you can submit an application for review within 30 days from the date of receipt of the decision letter by mail.

  • A source of alternative income has been identified,
  • Registered with UIF,
  • Registered with NSFAS,
  • The debtor,
  • Referred to,
  • There was a problem verifying identity.

All applicants except the debtor can appeal the declined reason.

STATUS Canceled:

The grant has been canceled. Sassa’s website allows applicants to reinstate grants.

Checking the status of my Sassa R350 grant application online

Have you checked your Sassa grant application status? Which method do you follow to see if the status of your application has changed? Are there chances that you could get a rejection letter or change it to an acceptance letter? In this article, we’ll be discussing some methods through which you can check the state of your grant application from time to time.

  • Click submit after filling out the form above.
  • Moya App allows you to check Sassa’s unemployment grant status
  • Your Sassa status can be checked via SMS or WhatsApp through your phone number
  • Visit Sassa’s official website to find out how things are going

You can check the status of the SRD Sassa Relief Fund by sending an SMS to your mobile number or by using WhatsApp

  • Alternatively, you can call 0800601011 to check the Sassa status.
  • Get your cell phone number and ID number ready before making a call to Sassa officials.
  • Staff can also communicate with you in your chosen language. In some cases, however, the language communicator may not be present at that time, so you will either have to wait or change your language based on the staff available there.
  • In order to maximize response rates, it is best if you are able to understand and speak English.

On the Moya app, how can I check Sassa’s status?

You’re here to learn how you can check your SRD grant status online via the Moya application. Here is what you should know:

  • In order to check Sassa’s status, you need to download the Moya APP from either the Apple store or Play store, depending on your smartphone.
  • Make sure you enter your allotted ID number and the phone number you used when you signed up for the grant after opening the link/App.
  • Double-check your credentials before entering them.
  • You will now be taken to the following menu after clicking on the submit button.
  • Select the month in which you want to check the status of Sassa Relief funds in this menu.
  • As soon as you select a month, you will see its status as it; either “Approved,” “Declined,” or “Pending.”

Checking the status of my Sassa R350 on the website is as simple as:

The Status Check is a quick way of knowing your payment and registration status. These steps will show you how you can check the Status Check online through SRD.

The Sassa SRD Status CheckSRD Status Check (Online) is the direct path for Sassa status check through which you can go to the web page, or you can also visit the official Sassa SRD r350 website and scroll down the page until you find the tab containing the text “My application status” and press the button: Click here to check online.

This is the phone number that should be registered on your name and your identity document.

After clicking “Submit,” wait for the next page to fully upload.

Click on Status Dashboard on the left-hand side, and you will see a Dropbox menu that says Select Month. Click on it and choose the month you wish to check up on your Sassa unemployment grant status. In our example, we chose January 2021 because that is when my application was submitted (22 January 2021).

So if you have been approved for the Sassa R350 grant, and your status shows that it has been paid to you, the next thing to check is whether they mentioned the pay date or not in your SMS alert. If they didn’t mention it, then double-check and ask them again. Make sure you get a copy of ALL the SMS alerts sent by Sassa to both the applicant and donor.

You can withdraw your Sassa grant at any Shoprite, USave, Pick, and Pay, or Boxer stores across the country, just by using the last three digits of your national identification card. Post office payments are not used for the SRD R350 grant payments anymore.

Final Words

Just like any other aid or grant, the Sassa Status Check will take some time to process. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t show up on your comment board within the next 30 days. It may take a few days but we assure you it will be around soon! Are you having issues trying to resolve your Sassa Grant Status? Or perhaps you have a friend or family member who is struggling with Sassa and would like to show them this guide?

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