Sassa Reconsideration Application Step By Step Process 2023

Sassa Reconsideration Application: Everyone wants to know how this Sassa reconsideration application process works. This article will help you understand what you need to do so that your SRD grant is approved and let you know about the conditions of applying for reconsideration.

If your SRD or Sassa grant application was declined then you have to apply for reconsideration within 30 days. This must be done by submitting a new application form with additional documents. You have to pay a higher processing fee of R500 if you want to reapply using the same form and supporting documentation. There is also, a new SRD application form that is available on all Government websites as well as on smartphone apps.


The Sassa board has announced that they will reconsider the rejected applications before they subject the same to appeal. Those who have been rejected can appeal against this decision using the process as stated in the circulars. The reason behind most of these rejections remains undisclosed, but it is important for individuals and business owners who had their cases knocked off because there were problems with eligibility in some cases or with overdue.

Sassa Reconsideration Application

So far, more than two and a half million applicants have been paid the grant from COVID-19. This means that the UIF verification process has gone on smoothly without any major problems. In addition to this, the government has also released more information available on the agency’s website.

“Processing of reconsiderations applications has been completed from May 2020 to March 2022, and payments will follow thereafter.“
The updating of the UIF database has brought relief to SACCOs, beneficiaries, and their respective members who have been affected by the delay. The process is still ongoing but it is expected that there will be an increase in the number of beneficiaries as those who have been previously declined may now get their claims approved. The UIF update is expected to benefit over half a million South Africans as more individuals will be able to apply for social grants, food parcels, and other entitlements due to the higher income limits.

We are pleased to inform you that the SASSA Reconsideration Process for the period May 2020 to March 2022 has been completed. No new applications will be considered for this period. This means that you must make a decision if your application needs reconsideration before submitting your application again in April 2020.

The reconsideration application process for Sassa

You may be wondering why people have so many reconsiderations with Sassa. But there are two reasons behind this: first, whether your application is declined or not, you will have to maintain a copy of your message and keep applying every month. You need to keep applying for reconsideration on the website:, which means that your records will be kept for all time. Second, sometimes Sassa can decide that given your circumstances, it does not make sense for them to entertain your request again (for example if you had already applied earlier), or if you have changed your circumstances since then.

Grant Reconsideration can be applied for online in the following ways:

  • On the website:, you can apply online
  • On the tab containing an application for reconsideration, click “Click here for reconsideration”.
  • Next, you must provide your phone number and ID document
  • The next step is to follow the instructions to complete the consideration process.
Sassa reconsideration

You can apply for consideration by phone at the following number:

You can get help from a Sassa official if you have any queries or issues. You can also make a call through the customer care service of Sassa by dialing 0800 60 10 11 and then choosing option 3. Next, you have to speak to the consultant who will help to reconsider your application and then, follow the next steps according to your instructions.

Through provincial email addresses, submit an application for reconsideration

To apply for reconsideration, you will have to send an email to the province of residence with your personal details and your application. Please include these details in the body of your message and make sure that you check off the “Notify us by email as well” box when you’re filling out the application.

Below is a list of email addresses to be used for registering your objection. You can also receive information about the status of your request by signing up for email notifications.

Province: Eastern Cape
Telephone: 043 – 707 6335
Email: [email protected]

Province: Free State
Telephone: 051- 4108339
Email: [email protected]

Province: Gauteng
Telephone: 011- 241 8320
Email: [email protected]

Province: Kwazulu-Natal
Telephone: 033 -846 3400
Email: [email protected]

Province: Limpopo
Telephone: 015- 2917509
Email: [email protected]

Province: Mpumalanga
Telephone: 013 -754 9446
Email: [email protected]

Province: Northwest
Telephone: 018 -388 4006
Email: [email protected]

Province: Northern Cape
Telephone: 053 -802 4919
Email: [email protected]

Province: Western Cape
Telephone: 021-4690235
Email: [email protected]

Reconsideration Application Requirements

Forms for Sassa reconsideration must contain the following information according to Section 18(1) of the Social Assistance Act 13 of 2004:

In Section A, the applicant provides information about herself.

  • Document proving applicant’s identity. Name, surname, age, and gender
  • In addition, you have to state how you communicate with Sassa- by cell phone, email, post, landline, or text message.
  • Residential address of the applicant
  • Postal address of the applicant

In this section, the applicant must provide details about their previous grant application that was rejected by Sassa.

  • Offices of Sassa
  • When did you apply for the grant?
  • If your grant is rejected, the date on which it was rejected
  • Also, you need to mention what grant types you have applied for previously. OA, WV, DG, FGC, CDG, CSG, or GIA are the options.

The purpose of Section C is to explain why you are requesting reconsideration and why you believe Sassa’s decision is unfair. In case there is no room on the application form, you can also attach the sheet.


SECTION E: Here the candidate’s signature is required, along with the current date. With the application form, you must attach the following documents.

  • You will receive a receipt when you apply for a grant from SASSA.
  • The rejection letter
  • A power of attorney (if someone else is appointed on behalf of the applicant)
  • Documents related to other topics

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