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Sassa Old Age Pension: You are a South African senior citizen living with your family. You have no financial resources apart from the old-age pension or any other subsidies from the government. You can take part in Sassa old age pension program by applying for it, which is a great thing to do because about 46% of South Africans receive this grant as of today.

Apply For Sassa Old Age Pension

This grant is meant for people who are 60 years old or above and also if you are enrolled in one of the social welfare schemes such as disability, veteran’s pension, and widow’s pension. And if you want to know more about this then all you have to do is visit this page where I’ll tell you everything that you need to know on how to apply for Sassa old age pension program.

Grants for older people

To grow old is a fact and it is better to live the remaining life of a normal man than to remain healthy for only 70 or 80 years. Being healthy and active doesn’t mean you are not getting old. People like to say that they will use their remaining days in the best way possible, which means unnecessary expenditure on unnecessary things. No one has any amount of help from his children or any kind of retirement plans in the shape of residence or money during old age – this becomes a big problem for everyone.

Criteria for eligibility

Sassa’s old age grant eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Grants are only valid for people who are no longer able to work
  • Applicants must be South African citizens, permanent residents, or refugees
  • Apart from South Africa, the candidate does not live in any other country
  • No other social institution benefits the candidate.
  • It is necessary that the applicant is not under the care of any state institution, such as a prison, rehabilitation center, or state old-age home.
  • You must also ensure that your spouse meets the mean test requirements.

How does the Means test work?

Sassa (The Social Security and Inclusive Development Fund) is an organization that works hard and tries to put all efforts into determining that only right and deserving applicants receive financial assistance and grant. For this reason, Sassa put many limitations and monetary thresholds to complete the verification process before taking a decision.

Apply For Sassa Old Age Pension

The older person’s grant is a social security payment that helps you to make ends meet. The amount of this grant depends on your private income and disability pension. If you want to qualify, it is essential that you can prove your age by producing one of these documents—a birth certificate or an identity document.

A single person’s guide

If you are an older person and want to apply for grants, you must meet the following requirements. The age is 60 or above, and your annual income should not be higher than R86 280.

Suitable for married couples

When a person applies for a social grant, it is important that he/she documents all their income and expenses. The threshold for assets is set at R2 455 200 and earnings should not be more than R172 560.  It is important to note that the Sassa considers the combined income of a married couple when deciding on whether or not an applicant qualifies for a social grant.

Sassa pension application documents

To apply for an older grant pension, you will need the following documents or copies of them:

  • Document of identification
  • You don’t need an ID if you don’t have one
  • Fill out a SASSA form for the affidavit. It is completed in the presence of an unaffiliated Commissioner of Oaths. Bring a sworn statement that has been signed by someone you know well. Sassa will take your fingerprints and refer you to the Department of Home Affairs. As a result, you can apply for the ID to prevent your application from being suspended. Unless you have an ID, Sassa begins processing your application based on your fingerprints and the above document. In the absence of an ID, your application will be rejected.
  • If married, the spouse’s ID document is also required
  • Verification of marital status. It will be necessary to provide the following documents, for example:
  • A sworn statement or affidavitDivorce proof or order for divorce
  • Certificate of marriage
  • Certificate of death of a spouse
  • Proof of residence
  • Income proof (if married, include your spouse’s income proof as well)
  • If you are married, include proof of your spouse’s assets as well.
  • Proof of income (if any) for dependent children
  • (If you have a private pension)
  • Bank statement for the past three months
  • Proof of Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or discharge certificate (if you were previously employed)

Note: The death certificate copy, the will, and the first and final liquidation and distribution accounts must be provided if a death occurred within the last five years.

What is the Sassa pension application process?

The nearest Sassa grant office in your area can help you apply for a grant and check the status of your application.

  • You can apply for a pension through the Sassa office. A family member or friend can also apply on your behalf, in case of sickness or if you are unable to visit. The note is required from you or from your doctor, which explains why you can’t attend the appointment.
  • A Sassa officer also interviews you to determine whether you qualify for the grant.
  • If you require assistance filling out the form, the Sassa officer can assist you. The grant application form can only be filled out by you or a Sassa officer
  • You will receive a receipt stamped with the date once the application form is filled out.
  • Please keep this receipt as proof that you applied.
  • For applying for the pension grant, you do not need any money.
  • Your application will be accepted or rejected in writing, along with the reason why. If your application is rejected, you will also receive a letter explaining why it was not accepted.
  • You can also request a reconsideration of the decision. In the event that your application is still rejected after reconsideration. You may then appeal the decision in writing to the Minister of Social Development. An explanation of how to appeal is also included in the letter, and you must appeal within 90 days of being notified.

Method of payment:

The following methods are available for payment.

  • The specific pay point can be selected through Cash.
  • Using a bank or Postbank account (the bank may charge you)
  • Institutions (old age homes, etc.).

The best way to get your money is to go to your nearest welfare office. There are two ways by which you can collect your money if you are going with one or two people: the first method is that your name should be there on the list of people who want their money which will directly give them their money. Another way is through cash or any bank transfer. You just need to fill out a form and then visit the welfare office and give them your ID card for verification purposes.

Suspension for the following reasons:

Old age grants can be suspended for the following reasons:

  • Financial conditions mainly affect the grant, which is the main reason for suspension.
  • When Sassa reviews your application, you won’t cooperate.
  • Whenever there is fraud or misrepresentation of real documents or information
  • While the grant approval process is underway, there may be an error in the document
  • Over three months without grant income, your grant will also be suspended
  • In the event of death or prolonged absence from the republic.

Sassa Old Age Pension

It is the responsibility of beneficiaries to inform Sassa about any change in their financial circumstances or any other situation that makes them eligible for benefits. The beneficiaries must also notify their creditors, employers, and anyone else who can claim money from them if they intend to stop contributing towards their SABA accounts.

Note: Grants can also be restored if applications are submitted within 90 days of suspension

Grant lapsed for the following reasons:

The social security grant will lapse if you die or if you are outside the country or absent from the republic. The lapsing will also happen if you are declared incapacitated by a court of law for any reason, definitely if your situation is not rectified during your absence.

In 2022, the Sassa pension will increase

More than 48% of people in South Africa get help financially from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). The Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana indicates an increase in the Sassa grant for 2022 above the inflation rate. This decision is made during his inaugural 2022 Budget Speech.

Beneficiaries (age under 75): grant

The old age grant for beneficiaries, who are aged from 75 to 79 years, will increase from R1,890 to R2,115 (in April) and then R2,990 (in October) which indicates an increase of 5.3%. The Payment System Modernization Fund (PSMF) which is a non-profit organization was created by an Act of Parliament. It serves as an administrator and operator of the PAFR system.

Beneficiaries over the age of 75 will receive a grant

The government of South Africa will fund an increase in the pension payments of pensioners above the age of 75. The increase is being made in stages from R1 910 to R2 005 (in April) and then R2,010 (in October). The pensioner is to receive this amount by way of a grant.

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    • Gooday Valda

      I applied online for a SASA old age grant. my ID nr is 6007055055080 my name. is Andre Henry Vermeulen, please can someone get back to me?
      Andre Vermeulen

  1. Gooday Valda

    I applied online for a SASA old age grant. my ID nr is 6007055055080 my name. is Andre Henry Vermeulen, please can someone get back to me?
    Andre Vermeulen

  2. I am am also seeking assistance with a caring home for my 72 year old mother. I am also on disibility grant therefore am unable to care for her the correct manner she needs. Please contact me for assistance so my mom can have the nessasary care she deserves and also have people her own age around her and not feel so alone.

  3. I apply in 2022 and every time there is a problem Bad black people get grant with out any documents .
    Black people only give the id number and they get they old age grant
    I feel that that white people must also just send ID document to SASSA and must get the grant

  4. I apply in 2022 and every time there is a problem Bad black people get grant with out any documents .
    Black people only give the id number and they get they old age grant
    I feel that that white people must also just send ID document to SASSA and must get the grant
    my refer 020223061007


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