Sassa Grant Payments Increased In 2022-2023

Sassa Grant Payments Increase: SASSA Grant Increase for applicant’s payments. SASSA is currently running its social grants program, which seeks to reduce poverty and unemployment. According to the government’s 2018 budget, it has initiated various measures including making education grants permanent as well as setting aside R350 billion for a housing grant.

Sassa Grant Payments Increase

Social grants are social support programs that are funded by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in an effort to assist and assist poor South Africans. Currently, the social grants program consists of three different poverty-relief programs which include basic food grants, school feeding, and maternity grants. Having said that, a new social grant is being introduced by SASSA known as the Social Relief Of Distress Grant.

Social Relief Of Distress Grant has been launched with the aim of helping people who are facing financial crises or disarray because of increased inflation; this includes benefits for health care, education, and/or child support payments.

Speech by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana at his inauguration

The 2022-2023 South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) budget has seen some big changes, and we’re talking about major adjustments everywhere. What’s more, the states have been given R1.89 billion more to manage social grants for its citizens in addition to their existing funding. But do you know what these changes are for?

Grants for old age

The old age grant has been increased and now stands at R1990. R95 could be added to that, which means the total amount is R2236. This amount is a 5% increase from the previous figure of R1890.

Grants for child support

R460 was the amount of the Child Support Grant. There is, however, an increase in this grant as well. R480 has now been added to the grant.

Grants for war veterans

Only R1910 was available for the War Veterans Grant. Due to the current 5% increment, this grant has been raised to R2005. Grants are also available to people over 75 years of age.

Grants for Care Dependency

As a result of a 5% increment, the Care Dependency grant is R1985. Previously, it was R1890.

Grants for Foster Care

From R1050 to R1070, the Foster Care grant increased by 1.9.

All these grants have been incremented in the table.

Grant Previous Amount Increment (Percentage)
Old Age Grant R1890 5%
Child Support Grant R480 4.3%
War Veterans grant R2005 5%
Care Dependency Grant R1890 5%
Foster Care Grant R1985 5%

An increase in beneficiaries

The number of beneficiaries will increase from 18.4 million to 19.2 million by the year 2025. The number of black South Africans living below the poverty line will also be reduced by 27%. This will be achieved through a total investment of R847 billion.

SASSA SRD R350 Extension

The new SASSA SRD R35 loan waiver scheme came into force last year, which allows nationals over the age of 60 years to keep their pension should they be unable to continue working due to any incapacity or illness. However, as people are asking questions about why an extension was made on these grants before the first month’s salary was paid out, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana shed some light on the matter.

Biggest Grants

SASSA SRD R35 Grant is one of the biggest grants that South Africans get. It helps people with no means, who otherwise would not have been able to meet their basic needs. However, even though the grant has helped a lot of people and made it possible for them to send their children to school, some still feel dissatisfied with it due to the wave of inflation that occurred in the country last year.

Sassa Grant Payments

The grant payment continues to be gratuitous and sufficient to meet the basic necessities of families. Currently, there is no hint of more extension since the grant was entirely based on the pandemic. However, South Africans are still in the mud since they do not have any other income source. Therefore, people are highly distressed and want the government to either increase the grant and extend it or increase the number of jobs.

Final Words

SASSA grants have been increasing every year. This is not a remarkable fact since SASSA has been having an upward trend in growth, especially when compared to other forms of social security grants. As part of the budget, SASSA’s Special Reserve Deposit (SRD) beneficiaries are receiving an amount of R35 per month which will be valid until 2020. It means that those who have applied for SRD usually receive their money in their registered bank account once they qualify successfully.

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