How to Check Your SASSA SRD R350 Grant Balance (Check SASSA Balance)

Check SASSA Balance: The Social Security Agency provides grants in addition to allowances to those individuals that are eligible to receive social security benefits. SASSA is a government agency that issues grants and allowances. The R350 grant for the particular people who suffered during the Covid-19 crisis is managed by SASSA. This agency has been distributing money to those people since 1998 with their own qualifications. These funds can be used for any purpose that one may want such as paying utility bills or buying food, clothing, and other goods.

Check SASSA Balance

There are several methods to get SASSA funds. The beneficiaries can get the grant by using Cash Send, a SASSA card, a bank account, or a post office. You can get help with your basic requirements through your SASSA grant. Through a cash grant, you have to buy groceries, fuel, and other daily needs. To get money in your bank account, you have to fill out an application form and provide documentation that covers all the details of your claim or grant application.

You can either check your balance via WhatsApp or using the USSD number. 1. Text the word “SASSA” to 082 046 8553 ( official Sassa WhatsApp number).

How to check your SASSA grant balance in different ways

You can check your SASSA balance online by using the following methods

  • Sassa R350 grant balance can be checked by phone
  • Use an ATM to check your Sassa grant
  • The Sassa grant card balance can be checked online

Checking the Sassa SRD grant balance on a mobile device

You can check your Sassa balance by dialing the following code on your mobile phone’s keypad.

  • Please dial *1203210#
  • You should follow Sassa’s instructions.

Using a cellphone, you can check the Sassa r350 grant balance by following the USSD code.

  • You will need to dial *12069277# on your mobile keypad.
  • Be sure to follow all the steps.

An SMS message will be sent to your registered phone number regarding your current balance.

Checking the balance of SASSA grant cards at an ATM

Here are the instructions for those who receive their grant through SASSA’s default grant card. Performing a balance check requires the following steps.

  • Make sure the card is inserted into the ATM.
  • You will need to wait until the loading process begins.
  • You can continue the process by entering your four-digit “PIN” and pressing “OK”
  • The option “Account balance” will appear.
  • It now asks you if you want the receipt of the transaction.
  • Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive a receipt. As well as showing your transaction details, the receipt also shows your account balance at the time of printing.
  • ATM machines will also show you your account balance.

The Sassa SRD app allows you to check your balance online

To access the Sassa balance online can be done by visiting the bank branch: Visiting a branch is easy and simple. All you need to do is visit your nearest Sassa Service Centre, to obtain Sassa cards and login details. To access the Sassa account balance through online banking, simply log in to your internet banking with the notification ID, password, and personal code. To access your account balance through the mobile app, users will first have to download the app with their unique notification ID.

How to Check SASSA Balance

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Final Words

If you have further questions about the Sassa grant payment and you are unable to visit any locally available Sassa office, we kindly request you to contact us at the toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11 or Email: [email protected]. We will assist you with your query anytime, anywhere, 24/7!

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  1. I have 4 months approved I’m struggling to get my money since the year i applied,when i punch my id it says invalid token,what does that mean

  2. Since i applied last year April I haven’t recieved any money and am depending on it so now am struggling to get money to buy food

  3. My R350 grant status shows approved for May and June but no payment dates reflect so I have not received any payment.pls help July is pendingwhen will I get my payout


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